Office 365 as a philosophy of life

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I've been working with Office for several years 365 in various companies I've been to and with the fever of “telecommuting” that has been created I would like to make a reflection:

Are the CEOs of the company ready to telecommute??

Possibly not, presence is the greatest enemy of efficiency.

Are the IT infrastructures of the companies prepared?

Sure not, since they do not usually have annual budgets, according to its size.

Are IT departments ready for telecommuting??

Unfortunately not. This is because they are often overloaded, with outdated and outdated applications and having to manage many on-premises services, which makes the telecommuting opportunity very complicated.

Deploying multiple VPNs for remote work in a local environment takes many hours and is not efficient. You must invest time and money.


My experience with Office 365, the thing is, with a successful deployment, makes my workplace the one needed at all times. In the office, in my office, in the meeting room, in the car, in the airport waiting room, on the plane, etc. My work adapts to my circumstances and gives me the flexibility to perform better.

With a document manager, office tools, mail and all this always achievable, regardless of the device you use.

Office 365 not a tool to use, it is a work philosophy, I can work from home with the same efficiency as in an office, or more.

In these difficult times, I can say that the mindset of managers must change first. We are all interested in performing efficient teleworking, we can work part of the day remotely, changing the hours of entry to the office, we can work the first 3 hours from home with higher performance, without affecting the endless retentions on our roads.

Best job, less stress, greater efficiency.

Less than a momentary fever, Yl teleworking with Office 365 it is a way of life and work without physical ties. With safety as the basis.

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