The ATAN2 function

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The ATAN2 function

You see that tanned figure on the beach and you think, maybe i should have ATAN2. Yes, this function returns the arc tangent, the reverse tangent, specified X– Y Y-coordinates. The tangent arc is the angle of the X-axis to a line containing the origin (0, 0) and a point with coordinates (x_num, y_num). The angle is expressed in radians between – π y π, excluding – Pi.

The ATAN2 The function uses the following syntax to operate:

The ATAN2 has the following arguments:

  • x_num: this is necessary and represents the X-point coordinate
  • y_num: This is also necessary and represents the Y-point coordinate.

It should be noted at the same time that:

  • A positive result represents an angle counterclockwise from the X-axis; a negative result represents a clockwise angle
  • ATAN2 (a, b) is equal to ATAN (b / a), except that a can be equal to 0 in ATAN2
  • Yes, both x_num Y y_num son 0, ATAN2 return the # DIV / 0! error value
  • To express the arc tangent in degrees, multiply the result by 180 / PI () or use the DEGREES function.

Please, see my example below:

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