Driver Installation with NVIDIA GeForce Experience

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Driver Installation with NVIDIA GeForce Experience

Installing graphics card drivers on your computer will not only make your device run smoothly, but also in the most efficient way feasible. In today's post, we would like to tell you in detail how you can install or update drivers for NVIDIA graphics cards. We will do it with the help of the special application NVIDIA GeForce Experience.

The driver installation procedure

Before you start downloading and installing the actual drivers, you will need to download and install the NVIDIA GeForce Experience application. Therefore, we will divide this post into two parts. The first is a guide on how to install NVIDIA GeForce Experience, and the second is how to install the drivers themselves. If you already have NVIDIA GeForce Experience installed, you can go to the second part.

Paso 1: instale NVIDIA GeForce Experience

As we have previously mentioned, the first thing to do is download and install the necessary program. Doing it is not difficult. You just have to follow the following steps.

  1. Go to the official NVIDIA GeForce Experience download page.
  2. In the center of the workspace of the page you will see a large green button “download now”.. click on it.
  3. This will instantly start the download of the application installation file. Wait for the procedure to complete and then start the file simply by double clicking the left mouse button.
  4. A gray box will appear on the screen with the name of the program and a progress bar. You have to wait a little while for the software to prepare all the files for installation.
  5. After a while, you will see the next window on your monitor screen. You will be prompted to read the end user license agreement. To do this, you must click on the respective link in the window. But you don't have to read the agreement if you don't want to. Just click the button “I agree. Follow”..
  6. The next installation preparation procedure will now begin. It won't take long. You will see the next screen:
  7. Immediately afterwards the following procedure will begin: GeForce Experience installation. This will be indicated through an inscription at the bottom of the next window:
  8. After a couple of minutes, the installation will finish and the installed software will start. In the beginning, You will be offered to know the main changes of the program compared to previous versions. It is up to you to read the changelog or not. You can close the window by simply clicking on the cross in the upper right corner.

This completes the download and installation of the software. You can now proceed to install or update the drivers for the video card itself.

Paso 2: Installing the Drivers for the NVIDIA Graphics Chip

After installing GeForce Experience, you need to do the following to download and install the graphics card drivers:

  1. In the tray, you must right click on the program icon. A menu will appear where you must click on the line “Search for updates”..
  2. The GeForce Experience window opens in the “Drivers”.. In reality, it is also possible to simply start the program and go to this tab.
  3. If there is a newer version of the drivers than the one you have installed on your computer or laptop, you will see the respective message at the top.
  4. There will be a button in front of that message “Descargar”.. You should click on it.
  5. A download progress bar will appear instead of a download button. There will also be buttons to pause and stop the download. You must wait for all the files to download.
  6. After a while, there will be two new buttons in the same place: “Quick setup”. and “Selective installation”.. Clicking on the first, the automatic installation procedure of the driver and all related components will start. In the second case, you can specify the components you want to install. We suggest you use the first option, since it will allow you to install or update all the important components.
  7. The next installation preparation procedure will now begin. You will have to wait a little longer than in previous similar situations. While preparation is in progress, you will see the next screen:
  8. Later an equivalent window will appear, but with the progress of graphics adapter driver installation. You will see the respective inscription in the lower left corner of the window.
  9. When the driver itself and all related system components are installed, you will see the last window. You will see a message that the driver has been installed successfully. To end, just click “To close”. at the bottom of the window.

That is simply the entire procedure for downloading and installing the NVIDIA graphics driver using GeForce Experience.. We hope you have no difficulty in following these instructions. If you have any additional questions throughout the procedure, do not hesitate to do it in the comments of this post. We will answer all your questions. At the same time, we suggest you read the post, to help you fix the most common problems that arise during the installation of the NVIDIA software.

More information: Solutions to nVidia Driver Installation Problems

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