The best antivirus of 2015

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Let's continue with the annual ranking of the best antivirus. 2015 It's an interesting year in this regard.: Leaders have changed and, The most striking thing is that an antivirus has been installed at no cost (that came to light just over a year ago) at the top, not being inferior, and in some things even better-paid leaders. See also: The best antivirus without costs of 2020.

After each post about the best antivirus, I get a lot of feedback, whose content boils down to the fact that I sold myself to Kaspersky, I didn't write about a particular antivirus, that someone uses during 10 years and is very satisfied. indicated a product with no value in the degree. The solution for readers who have an equivalent opinion I have prepared at the end of this material. It can also be useful: Best antivirus for Windows 10 (Paid antivirus and free of charge).

Note: Home antivirus for Windows PCs and laptops are reviewed 7, 8 Y 8.1. Presumably, the results will be similar for Windows 10.

The best of the best.

While in the previous three years Bitdefender Internet Security was the leader in most independent antivirus tests (As the company happily announces on its official website), in December last year and earlier this year gave way to a Kaspersky Lab product, Kaspersky Internet. Security (Tomatoes can start flying here, But I promised to explain later what and where this top-of-the-line antivirus comes from.).

In third place is an antivirus without costs that has generated a sensation in a relatively short time. But first things first.

Kaspersky Internet Security 2015

Let's start with the latest test results from leading independent antivirus labs (None of them are Russian, all have a long history and it is difficult to suspect that they sympathize with Kaspersky.):

  • AV-Test (February of 2015): protection 6/6, performance 6/6, usability 6/6.
  • AV-Comparatives: Three stars (Advanced +) in all approved tests (detection, elimination, Proactive protection, etc.). See the end of the post for more details).
  • Dennis Technology Labs: 100% in all tests (detection, No false positives).
  • Virus Bulletin: approved, No false positives (RAP 75-90%, A very peculiar parameter, I will try to explain it later).

According to the sum of the evidence, we get the first place for Kaspersky's antivirus product.

The antivirus itself, or rather the Kaspersky Internet Security package, I think it needs no introduction: A convenient and effective product to protect your computer from a range of threats, Virus removal with extensive additional features, as payment protection, control parental, Kaspersky Rescue Disk (which is also one of the most effective tools of its kind) and not only.

One of the most common arguments against Kaspersky antivirus is its negative impact on computer performance.. Despite this, Evidence to the contrary, and also my subjective experience: The product also works well in low-power virtual machines.

Official website in Russia: (There is a free trial of 30 days).

Bitdefender Internet Security 2015

Bitdefender's antivirus software has long been the undisputed leader in all tests and ratings. But earlier this year, Still second place. Test results:

  • AV-Test (February of 2015): protection 6/6, performance 6/6, usability 6/6.
  • AV-Comparatives: Three stars (Advanced +) in all approved tests.
  • Dennis Technology Labs: 92% protection, 98% of precise answers, 90% Overall rating.
  • Virus Bulletin – Approved (RAP 90-96%).

In the same way as the previous product, Bitdefender Internet Security has additional tools for parental control and payment protection, Sandboxing Features, Cleaning and speeding up computer startup, Anti-virus technology for mobile devices, Paranoid mode for paranoid users and other performance profiles. .

One of the disadvantages for our user may be the lack of a Russian interface, so some functions (especially those with brand names) may not be entirely understandable. Otherwise, It is an excellent example of antivirus, Providing reliable protection, Undemanding in computer resources and quite practical.

I currently have Bitdefender Internet Security 2015 installed on my main operating system, received free during 6 months. You can also get a six-month license on the official site (even when the post says the promotion is over, Works with unclear time slots from time to time, try it).

Qihoo 360 Internet Security (O 360 Total Security)

In the past, I often had to answer which antivirus is better, paid or free of charge, and whether the latter can provide the right level of protection. Regularly recommended the free, but with some caveats, Now the situation has changed.

The free antivirus of the Chinese developer Qihoo 360 (previously Qihoo 360 Internet Security, now under the name 360 Total Security) It literally outperformed many paid peers in one year and deservedly ranked as a leader in all important parameters of computer protection.. and the system.

Test results:

  • AV-Test (February of 2015): protection 6/6, performance 6/6, usability 6/6.
  • AV-Comparatives: Three stars (Advanced +) in all approved tests, Two stars (Advanced) in the performance test.
  • Dennis Technology Labs: There is no test for this product.
  • Virus Bulletin – Approved (RAP 87-96%).

I haven't used this antivirus closely, but the reviews, including comments. They comment that those who tried it were very satisfied, which is easy to explain.

Antivirus 360 Total Security has one of the most user-friendly and understandable interfaces (in Russian), Many truly useful tools to clean up computer, Advanced protection settings, Safe launch of programs that will be useful for both novice users and users. experienced, uses several protection technologies at the same time (as an example, Bitdefender engine is involved), providing near-guaranteed detection and removal of viruses and other threats from your computer.

If you are interested, can read the Free review 360 Total Security Antivirus (The download and installation information is also there).

Note: The developer today has more than one official web portal, as well as two names: Qihoo 360 and Qihu 360, as i understand, with different names, The company is registered in different jurisdictions.

The official web portal of 360 Total Security in Russian:

Another great antivirus 5

Although the previous three antiviruses are at the top in all parameters, the others 5 Antivirus products listed below are almost as good as them in terms of detecting and removing threats, but slightly behind in terms of performance and usability (even though the latter parameter is relatively subjective), according to your tests.

Avira Internet Security Package

Many users are familiar with Avira-free antivirus (good and very fast, by the way).

The response of payment data, Computer protection and security from the same company, Avira Internet Security Suite 2015, It is also at the top of this year's antivirus ranking..

ESET Smart Security.

Another very popular antivirus product in Russia, ESET Smart Security, has been one of the best in antivirus testing for two years, being only slightly lower than the top three in the non-critical parameters (and in some tests, Conversely , overcoming them).

Avast Internet Security 2015

Many people use Avast's free antivirus, and if you are one of those users and are thinking of switching to the paid variant of Avast Internet Security 2015, You can count on the protection not to disappoint you, at least judging by the same evidence. . Having said this, The free version (Avast Free Antivirus) It's not much worse either..

I should note that Avast's results are a bit more varied than those of the other products reviewed.(as an example, in AV-Comparatives tests, The results are good, but not the best).

Trend Micro and F-Secure Internet Security

And the last two antiviruses are one from Trend Micro and the other from F-Secure. Both have appeared in antivirus rankings in recent years and both are relatively unpopular in Russia.. Although, When it comes to its simple features, These antiviruses do an excellent job.

The reasons for this, As far as I can say, is the lack of Russian language interface (even though in previous versions of F-Secure Internet Security it was, Now I didn't find it), and probably the marketing efforts of companies in our country. market.

Why are antiviruses classified in this order?

This is why I respond in advance to the most common complaints about my main antivirus. First, The classification of software products is not based on my subjective preferences, but it is a compilation of the latest tests done by the main antivirus laboratories, who call themselves (and are considered as such) independent:

  • AV Comparisons
  • AV Test
  • Virus Bulletin
  • Dennis Tech Labs

Each of them uses its own procedures for testing and for presenting results.: Your own parameters and scales for them available on the official websites. (Note: You can also find many of these laboratories “independent” In Internet, that are hosted by a particular antivirus vendor; I have not analyzed their results).

AV-Comparatives produces the most complete set of tests, some of which are backed by the Austrian government. Most tests focus on antivirus' effectiveness against a wide variety of attack vectors and the software's ability to detect and erase the latest threats.. The maximum result in the tests is 3 stars or Advanced +.

AV-Test periodically checks antivirus programs for three features: protection, Performance and ease of use. The maximum result for each of the features is 6.

Dennis Technology Labs specializes in near-real-life use case testing, testing existing sources of virus and malware infections in controlled environments.

Virus Bulletin conducts monthly antivirus tests, that require the antivirus to detect all virus samples without a single false positive. In addition, a percentage parameter of RAP is calculated for each of the products, which is a reflection of the effectiveness of proactive protection and threat removal in various tests (none of the antiviruses have a RAP parameter of the 100%).

The antiviruses on this list focus on analyzing this data. In reality, There are more good antiviruses, but I have decided to limit myself to the number I have limited, not including programs for which several sources report less than 100% protection.

Finally, I would like to point out that the 100% protection and being at the top of antivirus lists, It does not guarantee at all the total absence of malware on your computer: There are variants of unwanted software (as an example, that cause unwanted advertisements to appear in the browser) that are almost undetectable by antivirus, and user actions can be directly aimed at obtaining viruses on their computer (as an example, When unlicensed software is installed and the antivirus is specifically disabled to be installed).

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