How to see the coordinates in Minecraft?

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How to see the coordinates in Minecraft? If that is your concern, then your question will be answered broadly and clearly, because you will be able to know the coordinates in Minecraft. So that, in an easy way, you can achieve it when you are enjoying your later adventures.

keep reading and you will see all so useful information with which you will find for you to answer How to see the coordinates in Minecraft?

How to see the coordinates in Minecraft? In Java Edition

The first thing will be iniciar Minecraft and later access any of the worlds you have created. Ahead double click on the Minecraft icon, for your launcher to open, now press the button that indicates Play.

Be in the Minecraft main screen press the button that says Single player and proceed to select any of the worlds, that are detailed in the list that has been shown.

In the case of wanting to create a new game session, press the Create a new world button, and perform the parameter selection respective to the configuration of the world, making use of those that are presented there.

When I finish day Confirmation of the procedure by clicking again on the button that says Create a new world..

You will be inside that Minecraft world that you created. So you can see the coordinates of the point. which is exactly where your avatar is, are you going to press the F3 button Where is Windows. You can also do by pressing Cmd commands + F3, or also pressing alt + cmd + F3 It's in Mac OS. Thereafter, a layer will be shown to you on the screen where you can see some information.


Locate in the upper left part of the screen the indication containing the text XYZ. There you will find one series consisting of decimal numbers where negatives are also included. The same are those that represent the coordinates in space.

With respect to values ​​that have X Y WITH are those corresponding to position of the avatar in the horizontal plane, and that corresponds to the longitude and latitude, Meanwhile the Y value gives the indication of the respective altitude.

In relation to the values ​​that can be seen X Y WITH that have an interval to be determined from -29999984 al 29999984 it's found a wall that is invisibleand what does the brand do where you find the end of the world minecraft.

Now using the teleportation command, from which I leave you the respective link below teleportation command. It will be possible for you to cross it by writing 30000000 what is the maximum absolute value. You should pay attention that you will not be able to interact with the environment what is surrounding.

With respect to Axis y he himself will have values ​​ranging from 0 a 255 Y 64 and they are representing what the sea level is.

Minecraft Bedrock Edition

In the Minecraft Bedrock Edition is almost identical on all platforms, except for certain functionalities. The coordinates can be seen by following the same steps on all platforms..

  • Press the play button
  • Select the pencil icon in the shape worlds
  • Will show coordinates
  • Make sure the lever is in the UPON move from left to right

Now, when you access the game, you can see the X coordinates, Y and Z in the upper left.

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