Obtaining root rights through Baidu Root

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Achieving root rights through Baidu Root

A few years ago, when power users were just beginning to explore the possibilities of manipulating the depths of the Android device software base, getting root rights was a long and complicated procedure. Nowadays, superuser rights can be obtained in just a couple of minutes. Especially when using tools like Baidu Root app.

Then, Let's take a look at the procedure of getting root on Android devices by means of a simple but effective Baidu Root app.. Instructions are unusually short, but before continuing, you should pay attention to the following.

Attention! The achievement of superuser rights implies the opportunity to grant access to various programs to the Android components that the manufacturer closes. It is a risky action that, In most cases, implies the loss of the guarantee and can have various negative consequences. All operations are done by the user under his own responsibility. The administration of the resource is not responsible for the consequences.

Paso 1: Instale Baidu Root

Baidu Root installation does not need any special knowledge or skills, it is a totally standard procedure.

  1. The ingrained rights tool in question is distributed at * .apk. You need to download the file BaiduRoot.apk. to the internal memory of the device or copy it to a memory card, and then run the installation from any file manager for Android.

  2. In the event that the applications obtained not from Playmarket have not been previously installed on the device, it is necessary to grant permission to the system to perform these actions. To do this, check the box Checkbox “Unknown sources”.located in the menu “Security”.which will open after pressing the button “Settings”. in the warning window.

  3. At the same time, you may need to confirm the installation of an app that contains code to bypass Android security.

  4. After the installation is complete, a screen will appear confirming the success of the procedure, as well as the application icon on the Android desktop.

Paso 2: get root rights

Rooting with Baidu Root takes just a few taps on the device screen.

  1. Launch the Baidu Root app. Before starting, make sure your device is connected to the internet via Wi-Fi.

  2. Press the button “Get the root”..
  3. Wait a minute for the program to carry out all the necessary manipulations.
  4. When the procedure for obtaining superuser rights is complete, you must reject the installation of additional software by pressing the key. “Ignore”.. The device will reboot automatically.
  5. After turning on the device, make sure you have root rights by running Baidu Root.

Therefore, getting root rights via Baidu Root only takes a few minutes, the main thing is that the device is compatible with the application. Don't be seduced by the simplicity of the procedure. In reality, some kind of Android hack is done, and the subsequent application of superuser rights must be done by the user carefully and deliberately.

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