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Contents browser plugin is one of the most popular solutions for downloading music and videos from various sites. After installation, a special button is incorporated in your web browser that allows you to choose the quality and start the download. This tool will be a great option for those users who actively download various multimedia data from the web. In today's post we want to talk about the use of in the Google Chrome search engine.

Using in the Google Chrome search engine

We also want to tell absolutely all the details of the use of in the mentioned browser. We will divide this post into steps so that novice users will find it more comfortable to understand the algorithm of interaction with the extension. The installation procedure got a bit more complex since the plugin was released, so let's start with him.

Paso 1: Instale MeddleMonkey

At the moment, is not a complete extension that can be downloaded from the official Chrome store. It is implemented as a script for a standalone administrator called MeddleMonkey. This is where the plugin installation operation begins. You can add MeddleMonkey to your browser in the following way:

Download MeddleMonkey from the Google web store

  1. Follow the link above to get to the official script manager page. There, click the button “Install on pc”..
  2. When the notification of the permissions to be granted appears, select option “Install extension”..
  3. Then, you will receive a respective notification that the operation has been completed successfully.

Paso 2: add script

Now let's talk about adding the script. This task is solved in a few clicks and even a novice user, who has never done it before, can face it.

Go to the official page of

  1. Open the plugin page and at the top click the button “Install on pc”..
  2. Proceed immediately to study the instructions.
  3. Here, in the second step, click title. “Install on pc”..
  4. By clicking on it, you will automatically be taken to the page to add scripts. Here you are interested in the option “Confirm installation”.
  5. Then, you will see a message stating that the installation was successful.

This completes the entire operation, the only thing left is to check if the extension is activated automatically, and you can start using it actively.

Paso 3: active el script

Now let's talk briefly about the script manager called MeddleMonkey, through which the extension in question currently works. The installed script will probably be disabled, so you will need to enable it, after which the respective download button will be displayed.

  1. Click on the MeddleMonkey icon that appears in the top bar of your browser. There you can activate all scripts at the same time or go to “administer scripts”..
  2. Here, Click the button “Enable”, located in the block.
  3. Due, you will immediately see that the application has been successfully enabled, which means you can proceed with the file download.

Paso 4: download music and videos

The last step of our post today will be to show the principle of the extension with the example of downloading music and videos from different sites. Let's dwell on each type of data in more detail.

Download videos

Let's take, as an example, a popular video host called YouTube to download videos. always interacts correctly with this web resource allowing the user to download files of different formats and quality.

  1. Open any video. A download start button will appear below. If you immediately click the green downward pointing arrow, the download will start automatically and the MP4 format and the best available quality will be selected.
  2. By expanding the alternatives menu, you can choose the quality and format. Only the most popular alternatives are shown at the top.
  3. Click on the line “Plus”.to open absolutely all suggested formats. As an example, can download only audio or picture without sound.
  4. Once selected, the file will be downloaded in the folder selected by default to save the downloads.

In the same way, videos are downloaded from other sites with which the script interacts., so you shouldn't have any problem downloading.

Download music

Today we have already talked to you about how this extension also allows you to obtain music. It works both with VKontakte and with other social networks. Then, we will use the Odnoklassniki site to demonstrate the download principle.

  1. Open your profile on the social network and go to the music section. Now, when hovering over an audio recording, an orange down arrow button will appear on the right side. By clicking on it, the download will start.
  2. If you hover over this arrow, a contextual note will appear with the size of the audio and its bit rate.
  3. The file is downloaded in the same way as with the video. You get an object in MP3 format, whose name is saved in the same way, so you can be sure that instead of the author and the track name there will never be incomprehensible hieroglyphs.

If any problem occurs during the use of the considered extension, should be resolved quickly. There is a separate post about this on our site where you can find detailed instructions on how to fix

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Now you know all the aspects of using in the Google Chrome search engine. As you can see, there is nothing complicated and the plugin itself always works correctly. Read the instructions above to choose whether you should pay attention to this tool or whether it is better to select its counterpart.

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