Windows Update Blocker is a free program (and functional) to disable Windows updates 10

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Windows Update Blocker is a free program (and functional) to disable Windows updates 10

This site has posted more than one or two posts about how to disable Windows updates 10. But old methods stop working from time to time: Microsoft doesn't want you to disable them (and I wouldn't recommend it to most users either). Despite this, if you face this challenge, there are still ways, and one of them is the free program Windows Update Blocker.

This post is about blocking updates with Windows Update Blocker and what are the features of this program compared to other applications that also have such features (like ShutUp10). It may also be of interest to you: Windows update management software 10.

Use Windows update blocker

You can disable Windows updates 10 with Windows Update Blocker using a simple one-button method: after starting the program, select “Disable updates”, leave item “Protect service configuration” (so that the update of the services is not activated again) and click “Request”.

Due, we get Windows services 10 absolutely disabled, who are responsible for searching, download and install updates on the computer or laptop. But if that was the limit of the program's capabilities, I would not have written this post, since there are other interesting things in it.

  1. If we open the Windows update blocker menu, and later we will “Configure the start of services”, we can see exactly which services have been disabled and adjust their settings the way we want. The window shows “Default service start”: how this service runs on Windows 10 without intervention and “Disabled service type”: what kind of startup will be used after disabling updates in the program. As an example, you can optionally disable the Update Orchestrator service.
  2. The color of the services indicates their current status (running or detained), if the disabled service is "green", generally indicates that you have not yet restarted your computer after applying the program.
  3. Now the best part: if you open the file wub.ini. in the Windows Update Blocker folder, there, in List of services You will find a list of services with their default status and after disabling view updates:
    service_name = default_state,after_disabled_updates

    The type of boot is specified through the number: 2 – automatic, 3 – manual, 4 – disabled. And you can add additional services to the list by name (which you can take from the service properties in services.msc), so disabling updates in the program will change the state of these services in the future.

  4. One last thing: you can use the program from the command line, command examples are in the screenshot below.

In my test everything works fine and I can say that I am happy with the program and for the moment I can recommend its use (as long as you are sure that you really need to disable Windows update 10).

Downloading Windows Update Blocker can be downloaded from the official web portal (use the download button at the end of the text about the program), The utility does not need installation; just unzip the file, you can change the interface to russian in the menu – Languages.

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