HTML metadata and its main functions


What do we understand by html metadata and why is it so important in the digital world? It is common to hear about them every day, either in the corporate environment or on the Internet, so we can understand the level of relevance they have.

html metadata

What is html metadata?

Assuming that we already understand the basic meaning of the HTML code, we can say that the metadata is the information that shows the main data of the web page in which they are contained. In other words, these dates are crucial descriptive items on the website itself, being used in different contexts, but especially when reporting on the general concept of the page. As an example, Information is included that describes the work that is done on the web or the subject in which it is included. Setting up html metadata is as basic as creating a logo for a web portal before launching it..

Depending on the type of online platform with which we are working to create our web portal, metadata will be generated one way or another. As an example, con WordPress, What is it one of the most used systems in the world due to its simplicity and flexibility, metadata is done in an automated way without professionals having to worry about it. Despite this, given the relevance of the metadata chapter, modifications are always possible. In other systems you have to configure it manually, while in other cases simplified processes are offered for customization. Metadata usually uses html tags that include values ​​like “meta name” Y “contents”.

Which are your principal functions?

If metadata is so important for a web portal for something, it is because it is about managing and transmitting a large amount of information. Despite that, there are a number of functions that are more important that the others. This is the case of the value “Description”, covering the main function of the description as mentioned in the previous chapter. It is very important that we take care of the description and that we do it as we think our website better establishes, since it will be what the search engines take into account (and we all know how important it is to communicate well with Google ).

Another value is “Robots”, that is directly related to the behavior of search engines in connection with our web portal. In the robots file what we will do is establish if we want a search engine to have access to certain data, files and publications or if we prefer that, as an example Google, no “see” certain things on our website. Much of the success of a page depends on its correct use.

Yes indeed, we must not forget the labels “Author”, that indicates the person who has dealt with the publications (more relevant than you think), “Keywords”, what will be the keywords that will be linked to the page and its content, as well as “Generator”, that marks the system with which the web was created (going back to the previous example, a demo is WordPress and the specific version). These values ​​must always be configured, squeeze them well and be clear that they will play the role we need from them when conquering search engines and online systems that “they will look” the entrails of our page. Before launching a web portal to the public and positioning it, we must make sure that the metadata has everything essential and that there is no absence that could harm us in the future.

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