SAP IT: How to extract data?

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Despite the fact that every day the number of companies that use communication systems Deal Intelligence of advanced functionalities for the administration of your businesses, many of them don't know how to get the most out of their benefits. This is the case of SAP applications for computing, where it is common to find users who do not know how to extract data efficiently and safely.

computer sap

The most common problem is inability to download transactional information directly from the system itself, to import it into Excel, Access or other formats. This difficulty greatly limits business performance.

SAP includes very powerful tools when making reports, but if the data download requirements do not comply exactly with what the platform indicates, especially in terms of security, the difficulty of its use increases, and therefore they become ineffective.

Data download tools

It is clear that data is the lifeblood of the company, and so that it takes advantage of all the applications that SAP offers for business development, must have flexible and easy-to-use data extraction tools. At the same time, must strictly comply with safety regulations.

The system Deal Intelligence proposed by this platform includes the opportunity to share information in real time between the different departments of the company, as well as with suppliers or distributors. This means processing a large amount of data that needs quick and easy administration..

Thus, It is essential to implement software that simplifies the processes when extracting information, and that allows, Among other functions:

  • Custom operational reports

  • Immediate access to all data.

  • Total respect for the security criteria established by SAP

  • Agile information transfer

  • Simplified development tools

What should be required of a software provider for SAP?

To get the most out of your investment in SAP, companies must be able to work on this platform quickly and securely with data. They need to be able to consult and manage them in real time, as well as extract them through applications like Access, Excel or PDF.

To carry out these and other functionalities that allow achieving greater performance on this platform, those in charge of the company must be aware of the need to have the support of a software and service provider specialized in SAP.

Its objective is to give immediate answers to all the needs that users may have, and for this it is essential that this provider offers specific tools for data management, as applications that make it possible to drag and drop information at any point and save it in different formats, without having to write specialized code. This agility has a direct impact on the productivity of the company.

Users should not be the only beneficiaries of these tools. It is also necessary to implement applications focused on developers, others focused on improving system performance and, in summary, solutions that accelerate overall SAP learning time, generating, as an example, downloadable templates that help you understand and use some of the most common interfaces. . platform complexes.

In conclusion, even the most advanced application running is ineffective if it is not feasible to extract the data in real time.

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