How to detect anonymous people on ThisCrush

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Since with ThisCrush You can post comments without a name, Surely you are interested in our new guide today where we show you how to detect anonymous in ThisCrush.

Index of contents

On the bulletin board of other users who use ThisCrush you can post comments while hiding your Nickname. The goal of today's guide is to take advantage of a feature within the platform to identify the real name or at least the Nickname from smartphones, tablets and computers.

How to discover anonymous users on ThisCrush

In case you have received a comment or post from an anonymous person, can take advantage of instruments provided by own red social to discover your identity. To try to find out who it is, must take advantage ofIP adress that enables you to locate the GPS coordinates of the place from where the user left the comment or published the publication on their wall of ThisCrush.

To activate this function, follow the steps below:

Thanks to this function, from now on you can view the IP address of each user who has left a comment on our board. Once we have thepublic IP address of the user in question, can explode the Website What is my ip address? (or other similar service) to identify the location.

You just have to paste the IP in the field IP adress | Look for at the top right and start the search by pressing the button Search in. Note that this method can be has deviated if the anonymous user, what commented, used a VPN or a proxy server to hide its coordinates.

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